Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My new experience at BTS !

From few days I have opportunity to be involve in Nail Courses at Beauty Training Studio.

If everything will go professional and smooth that will become to be my new job - as a Instructor of Nail Technology ;) Let's see...

So far every day I am so excited 
for a new students coming over 
here to learn about different kind 
of nails and techniques. Also how to start running own business which is Mobile Nail Technician. 

They have so many ideas for life. Some of them learn acrylic or gel nails just for hobby and they haven't got any plan to work in beauty industry ;)
Dominika shows them some tips how to make a nails better or easier way.

My first day was full of theory, how to teach, how to be patient, and general - how to share my knowledge and experience with beginners ;)

From secound day I can learn them as well ;)

For me - is sooo cooooool to see how new people (men coming on this courses as well) becomes
to my nail world ;)))

All have a place at Beauty Traning Studio in Croydon.

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