Thursday, 10 May 2012


"Clients who've never been able to grow their own nails to any length are experiencing brilliant results with Gelish gel polishes. With 84 colours in the Gelish range so far, we have every client's choice covered. Their popularity has grown so rapidly due to being an excellent and versatile product line. The beauty industry is forever innovating new and exciting products to keep clients interested and buisness burgeoning",
reveals Amber Varnham, Nail Harmony educator.
in my opinion that is the best ever product to painting nails and give them fresh, shiny and loong lasting finish !! 
nearly 80% of my customers trust Gelish and love it !! 
don't need to file it to rebalance nails, don;t need long time to soak them,
Gelish have now even mor ethan 84 colours so in all Salons you can choose the same colours
is absolutely safe for your natural nails ;)
and now we have magnetic colours as well ;) 

this change everything !

ps: love OPI
      but this year on market OPI Gel is so expensive !

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