Thursday, 10 May 2012

Stileto nails wrrr !

Pointed nails ! 
Ladies, today our flavour of the week is a saucy new nail trend we’re currently digging…pointy, stiletto nails! Fashion renegade celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rhianna and Lana Del Rey were some of the first to rock the bold nails…

3 steps to make them :

             file nautral nails in right
             shape to tips you choose

              fit your (in good size) tips on nails
              and file from the top

cut the shape of the nails/tips in triangle to give them pointy look. you can also use especially made for it pointed tips (is worth it only if you using them quit often ;)

 and finish : this one is pink camouflage
 on to of all and just touch of
 illuminate foil on a ends ;)

        [most popular finish by celebrities]

ps: on beginning they're looking so strange but to have them or treat by them somebody is sooooo sexyyyyy ;P 

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